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Vinebots Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the platform?

Platform is the base that is required for automations to run. In addition, the platform includes multiple IncludedAutomations such as Change Phase Button, Weather and much more.

What is the difference between Included, Standard and Premium Automations?

Included automations are within the platform & the volume of Included utilized by the client does not impact the cost. Standard Automations are typically Filevine to Filevine automations. Premium Automations are typically Filevine to external systems, & in many cases utilize RPA. Every automation in the library is labeled as Included, Standard, or Premium.

Do I pay for every execution/run of a process similar to Filevine Automations current pricing?

No. Pricing is all inclusive of all executions/runs of the process.

What happens if I decide I no longer want one automation and want to replace it with another one?

Clients may switch from one Standard to another Standard automation or from one Premium to another Premium automation at any time.

Does the client pay for implementation, support, and maintenance or is that included?

No – all support (email, phone, chat, ticket), and maintenance is included.

What if an automation needs to take data from a third-party website, like a county website?

No problem! RPA functionality is built in, and no further license is needed.

Does Vinebots have a QuickBooks integration to allow a client to only use Vinebots?

Yes – it is a standard automation!

What if a customer needs an automation that does not exist?

No problem – Neostella will review the request, and if it is deemed as a highly reusable automation, Neostella will build it at Neostella’s cost and provide it to the client. If it is not re-sellable, Neostella will provide a one time build cost.

Where can I see a list of automations?

See the complete list of current automations here.




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