Vinebots Automation Library

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Here you can find all of the automations currently available in the Vinebots Automation Library. Additionally, stay up-to-date with the Vinebots that are in development and coming soon!



Currently Available

Automation Description Benefits Type
Change Phase  Button Assign a button that enables you to a change a phase with a single click instead of utilizing the dropdown feature, allowing you to put the control of that action in the context of the project and use logic in the project to determine when and where it shows.

• Automatically advances the project to the next phase for that project 

• Loads associated tasks for that user in that phase.

• Reduces operational errors

Increase business process consistency

Get Weather Button Click a button to add the weather report for an accident time & location into your case. Get Weather Button ensures that the most accurate weather data is included in case files simply and easily.



Add to Calendar Button

Click a configured button to create appointments from project data, and further increase that visibility by adding people to those events so that they appear in their Filevine calendar and any sync’d 3rd party calendars – all with a button click.


• Better visibility

• Less data entry

• More consistency

• Save time

Create Item Button Click a button to create a Collection item pre-filled with the data from other fields in your project. Minimizes time spent on data entry while ensuring data consistency. Included 
Add Person to Team Button Click a button to add one or more person fields (such as Primary Attorney) to a preconfigured team level and org role for the current project. • Data consistency
• Time savings



Duplicate Collection Item Put a button named ”CopyCollectionItem" into any Collection, and simply click it to duplicate that item. • Data consistency
• Time savings



QuickBooks Sync


Automatically send financial information between Filevine and Quickbooks Online, eliminating the need to enter it twice. 


• Sync contacts, invoices, financial information (chart of account transactions)

• Ensures accuracy of transactions.




CSV Collection Item Import Use a csv to bulk create/update collection items. Very large collections can be a challenge to manage in a UI.  When a spreadsheet is an easier way to manage, create and update collection items in a project via an import.

• Pair the import with the standard collection item export

• Provides a full cycle way to manage large data sets in a spreadsheet

• Easy access though Filevine for data use, reporting and integrity

Field Sync Sync static section data to other static or collection sections within a project. Triggered either by the source field being updated or a new collection item created in the destination collection section. Customized per firm typically at set up.

• Increases speed and eliminates redundant data entry while improving data accuracy

• Provides visibility or reporting of sync’d fields across sections

• Automatically populate default values in new collection items

• Save time – less data entry

• Avoid inconsistency in your data to avoid operational or legal issues

• Improve data quality

Activity Updater Creates a Note or a Task in the activity feed for subscribed events in a project, such as phase changes, watched field changes, new calendar events and new collection items. 

• Allows users to easily monitor changes and updates to relevant cases and projects

• Keeps users informed of important changes in the project

• Keep the project team up to date with what's happening on the case

Parent Projects Auto Sync data from defined sections of a "Parent" project to all its children in the same template. That parent-child project relationship is defined by either a project list field or a report.

• Pushing master data from one project to multiple related cases gives you the data you need where you need it.

• Provides control from one project while making the data accessible from others

• Save time with less data entry

• Avoid inconsistency in your data to avoid operational or legal issues.

• Provides improved data quality

Dynamic Section Visibility Add on Toggle template section visibility based on phase change or field input such as a “case type” selector.

• Keep your project sidebar limited to only the sections relevant for that case

• Change section visibility without the need for the project team member to be a project admin.

• Allows a better “single-template” user experience by only showing what’s relevant for a given case type.


CMS 1500


Specific to Neurology Clinics using the "Elite" Template - Generate CMS 1500 documents with your Filevine Data

• Saves time

• Ensures data accuracy


Calendar Collection

Creates calendar events when items are added to a specified collection section

• Better visibility

• Less data entry


Advanced Links

Creates and maintains personalized URLs using the information from your projects in Filevine

• Allows for personalization

• Saves time by creating custom links


Get Location Data

Click a button in your project to get the County or Geocode (Latitude-Longitude) for a specific address.

• Simplify jurisdiction lookup

• Obtain Geocode to use with other location-based services such as for drone video providers.


Auto Case Number

Upon the creation of a Filevine project, automatically generate an incremented case number based on a variety of supported patterns, such as by template, year, or client.

• Save time and have the automation dynamically generate case numbers for each Filevine project


Add Team to Project

Automatically add or remove a Filevine team to a project based on project data updated by a button click, phase change, or field value.

• Save time manually adding or removing teams to a project

• Ensure the correct team has access to a project

Simply Convert Integration Sync data from SimplyConvert to Filevine and Filevine to SimplyConvert to ensure all data is in sync between both systems.

• Manage custom field mappings to connect fields from SimplyConvert to Filevine

• Bi-directional sync of data


LA Court Calendar Sync


LA Court Calendar Sync is an automation that identifies changes to LA County Court Calendars and syncs those changes to Filevine and, in turn, to your calendar using Filevine’s integration.

• Compatible with Outlook or Google calendars

• Ensures that calendars stay up to date with the latest changes

• Eliminating missed court appearances


Scan to Project

Easily and securely scan documents directly into your Filevine projects.

• Ensure security

• Increase speed

• Stay consistent with file organization


API Intake

Accept full case data sent by referring firms or other external data sources, including documents, via a single API endpoint, which is mapped for a specific source.

• Automatically create projects

• Save time

• Flexibility for variety of structures from other systems


File Sync

One-way or two-way sync of Filevine documents to a select group of storage providers with the ability to interact with these documents via local network shares on your computer.

• Secure, real-time backup

• Local file access

• Expedited access to large files


Data Stream

Securely stream all Filevine project changes to another storage system for disaster recovery.

• Secure backup

• Securely access project changes and information


Data Stream Aurora

Maintain a copy of your Filevine data (including historical roll-back) for audit, search, analytics, and BI reporting.

• Securely copy project history and changes



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