Vinebots Automation: Data Stream Aurora

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Keep a secure copy of your case data

Maintain a copy of your Filevine data (including historical roll-back) for audit, search, analytics and BI reporting in an AWS Aurora database controlled by you.


What It Does

  • Access to all of your Filevine data
  • Replicates your Filevine data structure in a way that's easy to understand
  • Field level audit capabilities of all historical data—have a complete picture of every change a record has had
  • Near real-time (2-10 seconds) backup of all your Filevine field and object data*
    *Documents can also sync via File Sync


  • The data is yours! Neostella and Filevine do not own this data backup—YOU DO
  • Stored in AWS Aurora v2 Postgres database
  • You may connect this to a BI tool or backup locally from AWS

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