Vinebots Automation: File Sync

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Maintain Backup Access to Your Filevine Files in the Cloud

File Sync is a custom Vinebots automation that allows either a one-way or two-way sync of Filevine documents to a select group of storage providers—as well as the ability to interact with these documents via local network shares on your computer (Windows or Mac).


File Sync: AWS

  • Sync your Filevine documents to an AWS S3
  • One-way sync is a great offline backup solution or can be used to streamline opening large files, pushing all Filevine documents to a service you control and own
  • Two-way sync is a great option for firms requiring the use of local files for certain applications to function properly all while maintaining Filevine as your firm-wide document solution
  • Create folder structures based on Filevine data

File Sync: SharePoint

  • Create folder structures based on Filevine data
  • Ensure only authorized individuals/groups can view and interact with content by controlling access to specific folders
  • Utilizes the user's project access permissions from Active Directory groups specifically assigned to the Filevine project
  • Utilize ACL policies to limit read and write control based on folders or granular permissions
  • One-way or two-way sync available

Coming Soon: File Sync Dropbox


A client-owned and managed AWS or SharePoint account is required for these Vinebots.

Typical customers see files sync between Filevine and S3 every 2-3 minutes.

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