Vinebots Automation: Add to Calendar Button

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Increase the visibility of important dates and events by sending that data to the project calendar in Filevine and any synced third party calendars—all with a button click.

Use project-level field codes in the content of the event created so when viewing those events in a third party calendar (Ex: Outlook), there is a differentiation by project in the event's description.

Example: In your title you can include {{project.projectName}} and it will be replaced by the name of the project.

Supported Field Codes:

Any value from the Get Project endpoint are included, but common use cases include:

  • Project Name {{project.projectName}}
  • Client Name {{project.clientName }}
  • Phase Name {{project.phaseName }}
  • Project Id {{project.projectId}}
  • Project Number {{project.number}}


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